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Jason Watkins

Rap recording artist j watt (born Jason Watkins), who was born in Cleveland, Ohio, raised in Nashville, Tennessee, now residing in Charlotte, NC has inspiration and greatness inside of him waiting to be shared with the world.

His newly released smash hit single entitled  Fetish For This, from his future solo LP found j watt to have shot a very definitive, true to heart video while listeners who have previewed his music wait in eager anticipation for the release of his next two records. Purposeful effort was put into the video to  portray the artists hard and diligent work put in toward perfecting his craft.  As well, viewers will find visual clarity does compliment lyrical display and can be executed with class.  What a new sound in music. 


While traditional forms of advertisement are being relied upon such
as word of mouth corporate and non-corporate radio and the physical record store, relevant online marketing and promotion avenues are a major focus of advertisement as well. These include but are not limited to online radio, social media sites, personal websites, email, online music stores such as cd baby, rhapsody, apple iTunes and more. All of which are consistently building measurable results while contributing to the professionalism of this artist.


Because of the musician within, j watt has not only captured the musicianship aspect in his recordings, but also prefers to perform in concert with a live band as well. He has done so in the past having played
at a host of venues within recent years receiving great crowd response, feedback and adequate record sales and inquiries. These venues range from college campuses, to night clubs, block parties, special functions, churches, bars, street corners, public housing and more. In the process he has gained the interest of local disc jockey’s, industry executives and radio personalities in and out of the state in which he was raised.  Music City Nashville TN.

At this point in his career j watt plans to continue gaining exposure via internet and other forms of advertisement as well as public appearance and performances. This road will eventually lead j watt to headlining and hosting full concert music events along with other artists. Simultaneously, his plan is very much alive to land the right type of distribution deal which will help further his career.  Masses of  listeners and music lovers will  be able to hear and respect heart filled lines such as: "From middle class perspective who’d expect this/dood flows minus platinum on wrist/I’m action with this can’t be laughing at this/as nice as he comes/watch how mean this gets/ya'll thought I was guns and techs/talk ones, clothes,  money and vests/nothing like this I’m the opposite skit/speaks with all spirit you know that’s him". Meanwhile j watt will continue creating his buzz while creating new markets and avenues with his music.

Subsequently, j watt continues to perfect what he does by engaging himself in what he calls “outside of his craft” homework.  Included is remaining physically fit, reading the bible & other books, listening to various genres of music, vocal training and brainstorming ideas with other vocalists.  Creating melodies, composing lyrics, watching and critiquing his own past performances and picking the brains of artists and studio engineers on technique in their respected areas of expertise are interests as well.  All of this contributes to the need of a special artist such as j watt to be heard.

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